Sources of hang gliding equipment

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Things to look out for:

Bla bla bla ... fly before buy, different conditions if possible etc.


  • Lots of different manufacturers, consider how good their support is
  • Simon Murphy



Things to look out for:

When choosing a harness:

  • consider its suitability for towing (where forces go, position and strength of loops)
  • general comfort (hang in it a while if possible)
  • watch out for plastic leg buckles as they can break
  • how, ermm, erect you can get in it (fairly easy if you're Phil)

Where to buy new harnesses

  • Aeros harnesses can be obtained from flightlight airsports as aeros uk distributor, think around £700 for mid range one.
  • Steve Hudson who runs the Derbyshire Flying Centre school makes tailor fitted harnesses over the winter for around £500. Need to specify is for towing and work out where want loops. Also suggest go for a standard hang length. It's what Richard and Graham fly with.
  • Wills Wing range of harnesses (Z5 is the 'club all rounder' complete with tow loops) are available from Airways near Ashborne. Price depends a bit on the exchange rate. Alternatively could be combined with a holiday in the US for a reduction of about £150, eg. via Wallaby Ranch.
  • Woody Valley harnesses are available from Avian

Where to buy second hand harnesses

Where to get your harness repaired or modified

Chest Releases

Things to look out for:

  • How would they release if no tension on line
  • Which way do the pins resist against the pull
  • Does the bungee (if fitted) need replacing?

Where to buy new

Second hand


Things to look out for:

  • Do they beep, that's basically all you need really

Where to buy new varios

  • Renschler, German solar powered instrument distributed in UK by Simon Murphy
  • Davron (UK, may not still make them, but does repari them and other makes)
  • Brauniger (bla bla)

Second hand