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TBA - Paul....

Daily: oil rollers guillotine stringing ...

(bi-monthly?): tension meter engine oil level ...

(annually?) guillotine operation water gearbox oil level battery electrolyte level


Winch Checklists

Winch Daily Checklist

  1. ""oil rollers"" (check if needed)
  2. ""guillotine stringing"" (check wire correctly routed)
  3. ""meter working?"" (make sure meter reads e.g. on "take-up-slack")
  4. ""check fuel"" (enough for a day's towing?)
  5. ""engine looks OK?"" (quick look-over)
  6. ""radio"" (batteries OK? Set squelch "open" to ensure blocking transmissions are heard)

Winch Monthly(isk)Checklist

Date & initial when things are checked

  1. Tension meter calibration ----
  2. Engine Oil; Gearbox Oil; Water; ----