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Free GPS tools


  • Latest version includes airspace and also view in Google Maps as well as 3D sketches.


  • Does data transfer between GPS and PC


  • Tool to collate igc traces, analyse and extract some statistics, and generate a kml and kmz file for viewing in Google Earth. The SCFHGC XC traces are generated using this.

gps bable

  • Handy tool for converting alsorts of different files including .gbd :-)

GPS Dump

  • Download from GPS and much more

Pay for GPS tools


  • Can do most things!
  • Animated tracklogs


  • Unique to SeeYou is ability to check for airspace infringement
  • SeeYou can also find your best triangle or out and return from a given igc trace
  • Animated tracklogs

Airspace feature:- This feature is very accurate. One of our pilots has a trace of a nice triangle flight in Annecy. Using google with airspace overlay it is apparent that airspace was NOT infringed. (phew that was close). Useing Seeyou and its a different story. Alarm bells ring, screen flashes and the SAS comandos from the caa come banging on my door... (whoops). "YOU AGAIN!")


  • Used to be free, a lot of the usual stuff but can also convert to and from Google Earth formats. For example, can load Google Earth placemarks in and save them as waypoints.


Supplied with Garmin units, uses its own propietary formats which makes it difficult to speak with the rest of the world (igc, kml ...)

File Formats

.igc - All programs (except Garmin) save and load in this format. It's text based so can view and edit it, however there is a security checksum at end so you would invalidate any record breaking flights if you did! Basically, it's the industry standard, for more information refer to the specification.

.mps - Garmin's own propietary mapsource format

.gbd - Garmin's own propietary mapsource format

Essential GPS Reading

Oliver Moffets GPS paper GPS pdf