What it is

XCSoar is an open source software gliding computer which can be compiled for a multitude of devices. The main developer is Max Kellermann and there are necessarily strict coding acceptance criteria for changes to be taken into the official codeline and releases. This is no guarantee of features and bug fixes being accepted however and so I now produce my own releases for those wishing to take them.

Source code

Changes that haven't been accepted into mainline can be found here. If and when they are deemed useful they will be removed from here after they have been merged in.

Kobo install

My latest build is the master xcsoar v6.8.1 code with the following updates:

  • Waypoint editor fits in landscape view

I have not ported across the change to stop deletion of data from the .cup file. Neither have I ported the waypoint editor button as there is a similar but now integrated feature. In pan mode, move to where you want the waypoint, press M key then press Nav, Nav, Mark Drop.

Download the amended v6.8.1 KoboRoot.tgz (#377d6d2) here

My previous build was master xcsoar code as of 16/6/15 (v6.8 Alpha 7) with the following updates:

  • Waypoint editor fits in landscape view
  • Waypoint file not corrupted when modify or add a waypoint
  • Added Waypoints Editor button to the Pan screen so can create waypoints from map
    (altitude also now read from terrain)
Download this older KoboRoot.tgz (#6bba59f) here

To install:

  1. Download the build of interest from above
  2. Connect the Kobo to your PC and go into Nickel mode
  3. Select CONNECT to computer on the Kobo when prompted
  4. Open the Kobo drive that should now appear on your PC, you should see a .kobo directory in it. If not, you will need to go to Tools > Folder Options and select Show Hidden Files
  5. Copy the KoboRoot.tgz to the .kobo directory
  6. On the PC in Windows/Mac/Linux desktop, safely 'eject' the kobo device
  7. Unplug the cable, the kobo should now say updating, install, and reboot
  8. Confirm kobo shows the appropriate hashed code in the top left of the screen

Should you have any issues, you can roll-back to my previous release by downloading from here

Other resources

Other related websites and resources of interest to XCSoar include: