How does it work?



Data usage




And finally


What testing has happened and what is the battery life?

There are now over 450 users of Tracker and no reported issues with regards excessive battery life. Expect around 6% battery use per hour if live tracking, and half this if just using text messages.

Some examples are given below, I would recommend you perform your own tests for your own handset and battery. In all cases Bluetooth and WiFi both switched off (recommended)

  • Blackview A20: Live tracking, two SMS every 20 minutes, poor view of sky for GPS, 5% drop every hour
  • Samsung Galaxy S3: Live tracking, good network, good GPS, 6.5% drop every hour
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Compact: Live tracking, igc logging, poor network, poor GPS, barometer enabled, 5.5% drop every hour

Other tips

Outside of the application, consider setting your phone up for power saving:

  • Switch off motion features
  • Do not use password facial recognition features
  • Switch off near field communications
  • Engage any power saving mode

and after you have started tracking I recommend ...

  • Put phone into silent mode
  • Switch off screen