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What is it?

Designed specifically for robust, simple tracking in variable network conditions using text messages or data, Tracker reports your position without any hassle. You do not need a smartphone to receive or interpret text message positions, but if you have one you can also see the position on google maps.

It has been written to be simple to use, be low power, and handle poor signal environments on as many Android handsets as possible.

Once configured, a single button starts and stops the tracking which commences once you have moved a specified distance. It can also control the wifi, bluetooth, and mobile data connection radios if desirable for easy power saving.

Text messages give your distance and bearing from the start, along with your position as well as a link to Google Maps and can be sent to up to two numbers. This is particularly useful for tracking while roaming or where data for either tracker or trackee is likely to be intermittent. The messages also include a reason such as start, stop, auto-stop, or low battery (at which point the application will stop) giving confidence to the person following you that all is well.

Live tracking is by data with positions grouped and uploaded every two minutes for extended battery life.

Digitally signed IGC logger stores your track locally on your phone for subsequent email. The new menu allows you to then select your IGC file which will then be attached to a prepared email with key statistics. Useful as a backup trace of your activity or remote scoring in competitions. As of V7.3 Tracker is now FAI approved and you may check the digital signature here.

Key features:

  • One button that starts and stops everything
  • Configurable without being complex
  • Incorporates barometric readings if available and selected
  • Stops itself on low battery (20%)
  • Text messages as well as data (if use Livetrack24)
  • Can wait until start moving before tracking, and automatically stop
  • Supports Livetrack24 privacy options, and can delay track uploads
  • Digitally signed IGC logger compatible with FSComp with easy email to scorer


Please note that this app is provided in good faith free of charge to the Android community. No liability is accepted for any text or data charges it may generate in either normal or erroneous operation. Similarly no guarantees as to its reliability or accuracy are made, nor liability accepted for any consequential damage, injury, or loss of life as a result of its use.