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The application can be found for free download in Google Play. Search for "richard hunt tracker" or go to

The phone only needs to have a GPS, you don't even need a data contract if you only want to send text messages.

Tracker is working on handsets from Android 2.0 through to the very latest Android 8 and Android Go. Specific handsets that are known good and tested with Tracker v8.12 are as follows:

  • Cubot Max, Android 6, GPS goes bad when on charge
  • Blackview A20 *, Android Go
  • Blackview BV6000 **, Android 6.0
  • Blackview BV6000 **, Android 7.0, may need latest ROM. You must add Tracker to "Whitelist"
  • Homtom HT16, Android 6
  • Huawei Honor 9, Android 8.0
  • Nokia TA-1020, Android 7.1.1
  • Nokia 8, Android 8.0
  • Moto G5S+, Android 7.1
  • Oppo F1F, Android 5.1.1, GPS sensitivity poor
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Android 8.0
  • Samsung Galaxy S5, Android 6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6, Android 7.0
  • Samsung Galaxy S8, Android 8.0
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+, Android 8.0

* The altitude reported by this phone is to the WGS84 Geoid (EGM96) and not WGS84 Ellipsoid as specified by Android. It will consequently report around 45 - 50m out in the UK

** The GPS time reports local time and not UTC (GMT) as specified by Android. Change timezone to workaround.

The following have an issue in that they kill Tracker whilst it is running:

  • OnePlus A5010, Android 8.1, the tips here may help