How does it work



Data usage

Battery life



And finally



Text messages

All the messages are like the following example, reporting time and position relative to when tracking started:

0h20m 90%: 9.8km 357deg 235ft, N52 10.415N E0 1.229 (at 0h19m, accuracy 8m),,0.02049

Here, the tracker was started (and subsequently first moved) 20 minutes ago, has 90% battery, and we are now 9.8km from that point at a bearing of 357 degrees. We are at 235 feet at the given latitude and longitude (decimal minutes) which was determined 19 minutes after starting and to an accuracy of 8m. Clicking on the link on a smartphone will take you to Google Maps and show your position.

The different types of text messages sent are as follows:

  • as above - a position update
  • START - the START button has been pressed
  • START-WAIT - the START button has been pressed but we are waiting to move
  • STOP - the STOP button has been pressed
  • AUTOSTOP - the Tracker has not moved more than 10kph in 30 minutes so has stopped itself
  • LOW BATTERY STOP - the battery is less than 20% and so Tracker has stopped itself


Once you have registered on its website, you can also track to My 'wall' of tracks can be found at