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Battery life



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Dual-SIM phones

If you are using a dual SIM phone, Tracker texts will only work correctly if your phone is configured to set up to send and receive text messages from SIM1. Unfortunately in Android there was no official dual-SIM support so this is all manufacturer specific.

Android power-saving

Android phones like to have "power saving" settings where they cull perfectly valid apps running in the background or when not being viewed. It is important to check that Tracker is excluded from your phone's power saving settings, or turn this off (along with any "power saving" of GPS and data). It should prompt you, Tracker must not be "battery optimised".

If you find you still have an issue, your phone may have the following settings which then need to be changed:

  • Whitelist from Aggresive Doze Mode, found in Settings >> Battery >> 3 Dots right top corner >> Aggresive Doze Mode
  • Set app management to "Normal", found in Settings >> Advanced >> Last App Management >> Normal Clean
  • Enable gaming mode for Tracker, found on OnePlus phone under Settings >> Advanced >> Gaming mode. Add Tracker so the "Automatically turn on for these apps" list. Gaming mode settings themselves just leave disabled (i.e. allow notifications, no battery saver, no lock screen brightness etc.)
  • Under Settings >> Battery >> Launch on Huwai Honor 9 Lite (or other EMUI phone?) for Tracker to manual, with no auto or secondary launch but leave "run in background" ticked. May also need to go Settings >> Battery >> Battery Usage >> Power info >> Tracker and untick Power-intensive prompt.